The Computer Science and Engineering constitute one of the most recent scientific areas within the disciplinary spectrum, and were initially developed within the Mathematics Department of the Universidad Nacional del Sur, within which the degree course in Cs. Of Computing. In virtue of a sustained growth of the discipline, from 1994 the Cs Department was created. and Ing. De la Computación (DCIC-UNS), and almost parallel to it arise the postgraduate careers of Magister in Cs. of Computation and Doctorate in Cs. of Computing, in order to enhance the training of highly trained human resources in this area of ​​knowledge.

The Institute of Cs. and Computer Engineering (ICIC-UNS) was also created that same year (Res. CU 392/1994) with the essential aim of promoting the development of scientific research tasks in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, promoting both the training of human resources for scientific-technological research and the technological transfer to the environment in that discipline. Gradually Magisters and Doctors in the specialty were formed. This was particularly strengthened as of 2003, when the role of CONICET in its relation to Universities and as a central actor in the promotion of scientific training increased substantially. Thus, a sustained number of CONICET fellows (who completed their Doctoral Theses in the field of the DCIC-UNS and the ICIC-UNS) and CONICET researchers, who began to develop different lines of research, strengthening the capacities of the DCIC-UNS and the ICIC-UNS from its actions.

In 2007, the CCT CONICET Bahía Blanca was created. Although the UNS already had a long tradition in relation to CONICET through different double-dependency institutes CONICET-UNS, the creation of the CCT – jointly with its Territorial Administration Unit (UAT), by Board Resolution No. 1447, of dated June 13, 2007- allows to form a strategic functional structure for the efficient organization of research institutes and service centers, which aims to strengthen the federalization of Argentine science. That same year, the CONICET-UNS framework agreement (Res CSU 335/2007) was also signed, which allows for the creation of institutes (Executing Units) of double dependence between both institutions

In the period 2003-2013, the ICIC UNS had a sustained institutional growth, marked by a growing number of Conicet researchers who joined, together with new doctoral and postdoctoral fellows. At the same time, the number of national and international research projects was increased, as well as the number of international publications in prestigious journals and conferences in the Sciences and Computer Engineering. In this context, and following a great institutional strengthening of the ICIC UNS within the framework of the science and technology policies developed by the MINCyT, the project for the creation of the ICIC as a CONICET-UNS Double Dependent Executing Unit emerged.

On May 15, 2014, the pertinent documentation was delivered to CONICET, initiating the process that culminated with Res. D-224/2015 dated February 4, 2015, by which the CONICET Board created the ICIC as Executing Unit of double dependency CONICET-UNS. As of December 1, 2015, Director (by Res. D-4303/2015 Conicet) is appointed to Dr. Carlos Chesñevar and Deputy Director (by Res. D- / 2016 of Conicet) to Phd. Ignacio Ponzoni (by Res. XXX) of Conicet).